Our family is renowned in Gokarna and we help to perform Rituals (Aacharane) and offer other Services (Pooja and Seva) under the able guidance and experience of Sri Balachandra Ganapathi Prasad who is the Head Priest (Pradhaana Archakaru) in Gokarna kshetra since Twenty Five (25) years. This has been our family tradition since the time of our ancestors. We offer solutions to problems related to Family, Marriage, Bad Death (Durmarana), Preta Baadhe, Pitru Dosha, Money, Education, etc., by helping in performing holy rituals such as

  • Narayana Bali
  • Naga Bali
  • Tripindi Shraaddha
  • Pitru Dosha Nivaarane
  • Sarpa Samskaara
  • Vinayaka Shanthi